What Is a Master Planned Community?

Aug 30, 2021Living At The Park

A master planned community offers the best of urban and metropolitan living without any of the downsides. For many, big city living provides convenience and walkability, but this also comes with safety, noise, and traffic issues. 

What Does a Master Planned Community Have?

Unlike traditional suburban subdivision blocks, a master planned community focuses on a close-knit community with a large variety of housing options to meet various price points and lifestyle amenities that cater to all residents. 

Kensington Park is classified as a master planned community and consists of luxury living and park-like surroundings, all encased in a 40-acre residential estate near Orewa beach. Here are some elements that make up a master planned community and their benefits. 

A Wide Variety of Shared Amenities

Many amenities make master planned communities an appealing option for large families with pets or individuals who like to try out activities, from restaurants and parks to pools. 

At Kensington Park, there’s no shortage of options! All the shared amenities are maintained by the owners’ association and are designed for fitness and fun. The putting green, fully equipped gym, sauna and playgrounds are kid- and adult-friendly and can be utilised for any season in the year.

Best of all, Auckland CBD is just a half-hour away, so if you’re craving for a big city weekend once in a while, getting there will be a breeze. The beautiful Orewa beach is only minutes away and offers the ultimate relaxation and tranquillity.

Safety and Security

For families with young children, a master planned community is an excellent option. The neighbourhood is often close-knit, creating safe, resilient and connected communities.  

Kensington Park has only one road in and one road out, and our roads don’t link to any others. This reduces the risk of any unnecessary bypassers and helps keep the broader community safe.


If you like the idea of living in a place with a close “community feel,” then a master planned community will be for you. Due to the shared amenities and regularly scheduled events and meet-ups, the culture allows for friendly interaction with neighbours from all walks of life. 

Kensington Park is open to all ages, and pets are also welcome. There are also several options for bonding with your neighbours, with a community garden to connect fellow gardeners, numerous groups and clubs, and a lake-side BBQ area for shared dinners.

Green and Nature Spaces

One element commonly found in master planned communities over traditional urban living is plenty of green space and nature. This adds a peaceful feel to the community and means residents can take a break to recharge in nature a few minutes from their apartment. 

Kensington Park has consistent and beautiful landscaping throughout the community, linking the various homes within the park. There are also localised pocket gardens and central parks and hubs, perfect for picnics on sunny days or walking your dog. 

Having nature so accessible to where you live is often a high priority on a list when searching for apartment living. 

Consistent Layout, Styling, and Road Planning 

Master planned communities are beautiful. Because convenience and ease of walkability are two important elements in the community infrastructure, residential areas are always within walking distance to the shared amenities and are easily accessible. This means well-paved footpaths, clean pathways, and well-groomed greenery.

Kensington Park is no different. The community is based on overseas models, taking the its master plan and design influences from a popular seaside master-planned community in the south of the US. There are also consistent design influences throughout the community, which ensures symmetry. However, to keep it fresh and dynamic, each home has unique characteristics and architectural details. The styling is also plantation style, resulting in a clean and uncluttered feel with pergola, louvres, weatherboard, and neutral colours. 

The Bottom Line

A master planned community is an excellent housing option for individuals looking for a safe, beautiful, well-managed, and fun residential area.

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