Top 10 Activities To Do Around Kensington Park

Dec 3, 2021Living At The Park

Set on 40 acres of lush land, Kensington Park is a master-planned community in Orewa that offers luxury homes and apartments for sale. Not only does it offer many high-end amenities itself, but Kensington Park is also conveniently located near a wide range of other activities in the town of Orewa. 

Whether you’re looking to relax, get active, or entertain the kids, Kensington Park’s prime location means there is something to do for everyone.

Read on to learn about our Top 10 Activities to do around and in Kensington Park. 

1. Visit Orewa Beach 

Of course, the main attraction in Orewa is its beach – 3km of golden sand and pure blue ocean are very easily accessible from Kensington Park. Whether you go for a swim, beach walk, sunbathe, or try your hand out at a new water sport, Orewa Beach is the perfect spot. Patrolled by New Zealand Surf Life Saving Guards, the beach is a beautiful and very safe spot for the whole family to enjoy Orewa’s stunning weather. 

2. Te Ara Tahuna

Te Ara Tahuna estuary features both a walkway and a cycleway. Taking you through the scenic estuary, past both beach and bush, the main 7.5km trail is relatively flat, so it is suitable for those of all fitness levels, including children. Kensington Park residents use this space to stay active and enjoy Orewa’s natural beauty. 

3. Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve

For avid outdoorsmen and women, Alice Eaves Scenic reserve is the perfect place. This bushwalk takes you through 16ha of coastal kauri-broadleaf forest featuring some of New Zealand’s most beautiful native trees. Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve is just three minutes from Kensington Park, meaning you can easily enjoy a stroll through pristine, native forest any time you wish. 

4. Sunday Farmers’ Market

Every Sunday, Orewa hosts its wonderful farmers’ market in the square – it’s a perfect setting for a family outing. Open from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, there is plenty of time for you to browse all the stalls filled with local produce and crafts. The market is a great way to support the area’s small businesses. 

5. Orewa Recreation Reserve Playground

Orewa recreation reserve has one of Orewa’s most popular children’s play areas. Situated right by the beach, the reserve features two playgrounds, one for older and one for younger children, and picnic tables too.  All these amenities have made the reserve a very popular spot for playgroups and birthday parties, and it is fun for kids (and adults) of all ages!

6. Orewa SkatePark

Just down from the reserve playground is the Orewa SkatePark, another popular spot for families. Dubbed as one of the best-designed skate parks in the country, it caters to beginner and advanced skateboarders. It’s also scooter friendly, so perfect it’s for younger children as well.

7. Estuary Arts Centre

One of Orewa’s most popular attractions is its Estuary Arts Centre. Overlooking the aforementioned Te Ara Tahuna estuary, the arts centre features five different gallery spaces, with exhibits changing monthly. The centre displays both local and international artists and attracts over 70 thousand visitors a year. 

8. Visit a local eatery 

Orewa town centre, just a short trip from Kensington, has many delicious spots for you to grab a bite to eat. Dear Coasties, Oliver’s Cafe, and Cafe Puff are favourites amongst locals and tourists alike. Visiting local eateries is a great way to socialise while supporting local small businesses.

9. Day trip to Auckland 

One of Orewa’s best features is its proximity to Auckland – day trips or weekend getaways to the CBD are very easy. Indeed, it’s just a 15-minute drive to Albany and 30 minutes to the  Auckland CBD.

10. Kensington Park

If you’re feeling like sticking around home but would still like to get out and about, Kensington Park is the perfect place for you. Kensington Park boasts a modern gym, a putting green, and playgrounds, which are all available to all residents on-site – you can get active and have fun without leaving home base. 

You will never be bored at Kensington Park or in Orewa. If you are looking to buy an apartment or home in Orewa,  Kensington Park may be just the place for you. 

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