The Kensington Park Story

Jul 4, 2022Living At The Park

These beautiful appointed, luxury apartments for sale are created to be enjoyed amongst the best offered in Auckland. Residents are able to enjoy the lifestyle here at Kensington Park. Kensington Park’s real story. Here’s how we came to be known as Orewa’s best premium residential community. 

Beginning with a New Life 

Kensington Park was purchased by Southpark Corporation, as their first residential development in 2009.
Originally a campground from 1942, this area was upgraded to a five-star holiday park with motel, cabins, and tent sites in 1991, called Puriri Park. Seeing potential in the 15-hectare land, John Sax (Chief Executive of Southpark Property) purchased the area in 2009 and quickly began creating a way for Kensington Park residents to connect with their community, and enhance well-being and quality of life, all while promoting luxury living and not sacrificing on the surrounding spaces. He envisaged a place where people could feel comfortable, making quality living also “the space around it”. 

Today, Kensington Park is home to over 800 residents and continues to grow as more people appreciate the peaceful, tranquil living the development has to offer. 

A priority of his, in particular, was completing a shared community space with pool, gym and sauna: giving residents open, palatial, inviting community spaces filled with amenities, such as gorgeous architecture and well-procured gardens. 

Calling All Property Buyers! 

Next, was encouraging a broader range of residents. John didn’t want Kensington Park to feel like a retirement home—that wasn’t the plan for this residential development. He wanted the Orewa residential areas to feel comfortable for all ages. This was done by encouraging flexible designs for homes and giving residents more options within the community setting. Residents are free to move from one style of house to another, as and when it fits in with their life stage or living requirements. All properties are also freehold. 

To expand the age range of their prospective purchasers, John looked to improve community facilities, creating individual garden plots for residents, the Pool House (with Gym, Sauna and Pool), onsite Café, Petanque Courts, Picnic Areas, Lake with Sailing Club and Pitch & Putt within the community. Close to Kensington Park, just a short distance away is Orewa’s naturally beautiful streams, stunning beach, bush tracks and rich, open spaces for walking, jogging and other activities. 

A Change in Marketing 

John Sax always planned for Kensington Park to have vibrant community spaces, lovely scenic pathways and plantation-style architecture. He also wanted to take advantage of the high-density area by working through the development on a street-by-street basis, rather than just looking at the big picture. By taking note of the design of the spaces and their surroundings, Sax was able to list 74 completed houses for tender by early 2010. 

Speaking of Which… 

Kensington Park offers amazing features that are enjoyed by all in and around the stunning Orewa community. Boasting a leisurely stroll across the famous white Orewa beach, 40 acres of land, and an emphasis on safety and security in near paradise, this all-ages residential park is a true dream come true for Aucklanders near or far. Kensington Park is beautifully structured and boasts meticulous development from Southpark and John Sax himself. 

Today, Kensington Park is a premium master-planned residential community in Orewa’s, featuring beautiful, community-based residential property areas. With New Zealand’s naturally stunning landscape as a backdrop, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable lifestyle property, whatever your dreams. Pop by and see it for yourself — whether you buy or rent, you can’t go wrong with these luxury, quality homes! We look forward to welcoming you.

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