Retired? Why Not Look at Enjoying the Next Stage of Your Life at Kensington Park? 

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With a new chapter in life come new living requirements and needs. That is why many retirees prefer to move to new apartments. Over the past years, apartment living has been trendy among retirees. At Kensington Park, we take apartment living in Orewa to the next level. 

Living in one of our apartments in Orewa will help you make the most of this stage in your life. We do not just offer luxury designs and spacious apartments in Orewa. At Kensington Park, we are New Zealand’s first-ever and only Master Planned Community. So, you can relax knowing that we have thought of and provided for every detail of your life here. Here is how:

Everything Is Nearby

Looking for apartments in Orewa that offer peace and quiet does not mean living in total isolation. At Kensington Park, our apartments help you get the best of both worlds. You will appreciate living in apartments that are close to nature. Orewa Beach is also just 500 meters away. 

At the same time, our apartments are just one kilometre from Orewa village. There, you will find a range of dining and boutique shopping options. Kensington Park apartments in Orewa are also just 15 minutes north of Albany and 40 minutes from Auckland’s CBD. On-site, you will also find a long list of fun amenities. All residents of our Orewa apartments have access to a heated indoor pool, a fully equipped gym, a sauna, picnic areas, a golf course, and a café.

Maintenance-Free Living

The burden of an entire house’s exterior and interior upkeep can be too much for you. At Kensington Park, all our Orewa apartments have minimal maintenance needs. We care for all the gardens, amenities, and exterior and interior building maintenance. You will just be responsible for the interior maintenance of your Orewa apartment. Do not worry! All our apartments in Orewa are constructed from enduring materials inside and out. Because of this, you should not worry that the apartments will necessitate extensive maintenance in the future.

Security and Accessibility 

Safety and security are the top priorities for us. All our apartments in Orewa can be accessed through secured lobbies. Lifts offer convenient access to apartments on all levels for ease of living. Residents of our Orewa apartments enjoy automated access to the basement garages for safe, secure parking.

Exciting Social Life

Making friends at this stage of your life should not be a challenging task at Kensington Park. Residents of our apartments in Orewa enjoy a strong sense of community and neighbourhood. You will find like-minded people who share many of your interests. Various groups and clubs meet regularly. We also organise many events. You can participate in as many or as few activities as you like.

Start this chapter of your life the right way with our apartments in Orewa. Contact us today!

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