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Searching for apartments can be an overwhelming experience. Most people want apartments that combine space, location, community, nature, etc. Sounds too dreamy, right? Well, Kensington Park apartments in Orewa made all these dreams a reality.

Orewa is a local New Zealand paradise. The nature and scenery make it the perfect place to live. We chose Orewa to build New Zealand’s first and only master-planned community.

At Kensington Park apartments, you will find every aspect and every need covered and catered for. Here is how:

Unique Location

When evaluating apartments, location is vital. You need to choose a place that suits your personal needs and lifestyle. We built our 40-acre beachside community in Orewa for that reason.

The beach is just 500 metres from Kensington Park apartments. Reaching Auckland’s CBD is only a 40-minute drive.

Living in one of Kensington Park apartments keeps you near the city. Yet it also offers you the peace and serenity of getting closer to Orewa’s beautiful nature. Our Orewa apartments are on the boundary of Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve.

This is a 16-hectare native forest with walking tracks, natural flora, and fauna. So you can connect to the environment and feel its love.

Kensington Park apartments are in a natural setting with fruit trees, vegetable patches, and a lake with ducks. That is how buying one of Kensington Park apartments offers you a fabulous parklike residency. 

It is just like a fun playground in Orewa for people of all ages.

Great Architectural Design

The beautiful landscape of Orewa should not make you overlook the design of the apartment. You need to find Orewa apartments with appealing interior and exterior designs.

The developers built all of the residences at Kensington Park to complement each other. They all have relaxing, soft beach tones. You will also enjoy natural sunlight in these apartments through the windows and expansive balconies.

We offer endless residency options at Kensington Park. You can choose luxury 1, 2, or 3-bedroom homes, townhouses, apartments, and luxury penthouses in Orewa.

Luxurious Amenities

Apartments with calm surroundings do not have to be boring. That is why our Orewa apartments have many activities and amenities to suit all tastes. 

The Kensington Park community shares picnic areas, playgrounds, a gym, a sauna, a heated indoor plunge pool, and much more. Living in one of our Orewa apartments comes with no shortage of activities for fitness and fun.

Friendly Community

At Kensington Park, we do not just sell apartments in Orewa. For us, a sense of community and neighbourhood is essential. To strengthen this bond, our residents organise various social events.

We also have weekly walking groups, free yoga classes, a travel club, and more. As a resident of one of our apartments, you can participate as much or as little as you like.

Get your dream Orewa apartment. Contact us now! 

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