A Lifestyle Like No Other Awaits You at Kensington Park! 

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Nowadays, many people are not just looking to buy homes or apartments. They are searching for something more like a lifestyle village. Getting a home in a lifestyle village comes with a lot more than just a great place to live.

It is an active, relaxing, and social lifestyle you cannot easily find anywhere else.

We are New Zealand’s first and only master-planned community at Kensington Park. We offer you the unique lifestyle village experience that everybody is searching for. We carefully planned our beautifully landscaped 40-acre parkland located in Orewa.

Every aspect of our lifestyle village has been thoroughly considered and catered to. Here is a glimpse of what you can experience here at Kensington Park:

Live in a Convenient Location

Living in a lifestyle village does not mean you should feel isolated. That is why we chose this location for our Orewa lifestyle village. A quick 40-minute drive will get you to Auckland’s CBD.

The entrance to the park and the white sands of Orewa Beach are just a short walk away. There, you will also find many dining and boutique shopping options. That is how our lifestyle village combines everything you love with everything you need. 

Stay Active

Enjoy the relaxing vibes of our lifestyle village without feeling bored. Our Orewa lifestyle village offers extensive amenities to suit all ages and preferences. It will motivate you to live a more active and healthier lifestyle. 

Living in our lifestyle village will grant you access to a heated indoor plunge pool, gym, and sauna. Children will have a great time at the beautiful playground.

There are also picnic areas, boardwalks, manicured gardens, and much more for the whole family to enjoy.

Nearby, you will find the beautiful Orewa Beach, where you can swim, fish, surf, or just chill out and enjoy the view.

Enjoy High Levels of Security

Searching for a lifestyle village means looking for a safe, secure space to move to. That is exactly what we provide at Kensington Park. Visitors can access our lifestyle village through one of two elegant lobbies.

Video/intercom and keyless entry secure both. We grant all residents of our lifestyle village automated access to the basement garages. This will provide a safe and secure entry in all weather conditions.

Feel the Sense of Community

A sense of community and neighbourhood lies at the core of our Orewa lifestyle village. This community has kind and welcoming neighbours with similar interests and values.

You can get to know them more by joining the travel club, weekly walking groups, free yoga classes, and gardening activities. There are also many other social events throughout the year. It is up to you to participate as much or as little as you like.

Enjoy the best lifestyle village experience in New Zealand. Register for a tour today!

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